Accidental Wes Anderson Is the Sub-Reddit We All Need Right Now

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: via hoilst / Reddit)

Need something to keep you occupied between repeat viewings of Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tenenbaums? This sub-Reddit catalogs swoon-worthy places around the world that “accidentally” and perfectly capture the saturated colors and symmetry of director Wes Anderson’s iconic style.

Scooped last week by FastCompany, “Accidental Wes Anderson” is a crowdsourced collection of locations found organically by intrepid travelers that channel the filmmaker’s singular — and some might say generation defining — aesthetic.

Coined as “immaculate composition,” Anderson’s storyboard-poster interior and exterior shots are known for their saturated colors, their pristine and meticulously arranged mise en scene, and “and a Tetris wizard’s economic use of space.”

From the perennially popular Millennial Pink palace at Jaipur in India to surreptitious photo-bomb captures of real life characters who might inspire Anderson narratives, Accidental Wes Anderson literally has something for every design fan.

Here are five of our favorites from across the globe, posted by Wes Anderson-obsessed sub-Redditors:

(Image credit: @codesmode / Instagram)

Reykjavik, Iceland

Posted originally on Instagram, this clock tower view of a square in Rekjavik was called a “Wes Anderson wet dream” by its photographer @codesmode. He’s not wrong. A pit stop for Steve Zizou’s aquatic squad, perhaps.

(Image credit: Úlfar Loga / Instagram)

Berlin, Germany

This perfectly frozen-in-time colorblocked scene has it all: mint green, vintage Volkswagens, and the feeling that a Tenenbaum is just off camera.

…Could be anywhere

This unidentified living room has an unintentional humor that the director himself would love. As two Redditors noted: “I can’t help wondering are there two phones right next to each other.” The answer? “One directs your calls to the 1970’s, the other the 1990’s — obviously.”

(Image credit: Your_Moms_Flame / Reddit)

Athens, Greece

Evzones, the Greek Presidential Guard, and their traditional garb would be right up Anderson’s alley — particularly in this wonderfully symmetrical pose. Perhaps a little-known family lineage trivia question for Max Fischer’s backstory.

(Image credit: DesignRed / Reddit)


This scene from a shop weighing rations looks like it could easily have been the inspiration for Anderson’s bakery in Grand Budapest Hotel, Mendl’s, and it’s prized pastry, the Courtesan au Chocolat.