We Found the One Bright Spot in an Otherwise Dark World of Mattress Reviews

updated Apr 30, 2019
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If the recent Fast Company article about the burgeoning e-commerce mattress industry has you feeling like you don’t know who to trust anymore, you’re not alone. (TL;DR: Some, er… many mattress review sites are more than a little biased based on which mattress brands are willing to give them the biggest cut of their sales.) With all that Fast Company has brought to light, you’re right to feel a little skeptical of online reviews.

But there is still one bright spot left on the internet. It’s called Sleep Like the Dead.

The Sleep Like the Dead website began in 2008 as one former insomniac began to develop a passionate interest in learning to sleep better. Since then, it’s become a hidden beacon of unbiased sleep reviews on the internet. There you’ll find detailed reviews of mattress brands, as well as broader information to help you make choices like “foam or spring”? And there are reviews for pillows, mattress toppers and even white noise machines.

I first heard about the site via word of mouth from some friends who evangelized the thorough, accurate reviews from this zombie-sounding website. I know “some lifestyle editor and her friends like it” is a soft and potentially dubious recommendation, but luckily you don’t have to take our word for it.

Why You Can Trust Sleep Like the Dead

Rather than solo reviewers, their reviews are “based on 25,700+ consumer experiences collected from over 1,000 credible sources.” Sleep Like the Dead doesn’t participate in any exchange of money with any mattress or sleep product provider (to be clear: they don’t participate in affiliate programs directly with sleep companies, but do make money from sales through Amazon links), and make money instead from programmatic Google-supplied advertising (you may see sleep ads on the site, but they weren’t placed there by Sleep Like the Dead).

Another note, if you’re keeping score, is that Sleep Like the Dead maybe broke this “mattress review sites are bogus story” before Fast Company ever did — they have a quick fact sheet on their website about how to spot fake review companies.

If you need a second opinion, you can also check out Apartment Therapy reader-submitted reviews on Casper, Leesa, Novosbed, Sealy, Loom & Leaf, Tuft & Needle, and Helix in our archives.


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