Can You Achieve a Truly Paperless Life with Evernote?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Despite my best attempts at organization (as in Tina’s Post-It Notes in the background), often there are magazine articles, web links, documents or some random camera phone image that I know I will need, but don’t want to store it until that random day in the future. Enter Evernote. Available for your PC, iPhone and iPad, it’s an app that can help you organize all your extraneous stuff!

One of my colleagues at work has gone completely paperless at home with Evernote. I was suspicious at such a bold claim, so I looked further into the service and thought it worth sharing.

Take a picture of some text? It will be processed, indexed and made searchable. Screenshot a webpage? Same thing. You can tag your notes, photos and screenshots to make organization even easier. It even has GPS connectivity for “location awareness,” so imagine apartment or house hunting…all your photos of a particular address can already be sorted according to location! Like a bottle of wine? Take a pic of the label and you’ll be able to search for it instead of manually flipping through those 300 images taking up space on your phone.

Here is a great introduction to their service via YouTube:’

They have an entire YouTube channel of tutorials and helpful tips for Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone users. You can also check out Unplggd’s great write-up about it and their 8 ways to increase your Evernote productivity.

This could also be handy for personal documents for emergency purposes as I suggested last week. I definitely want to look further into the security of keeping sensitive personal docs on a third party site, but it could be a really great solution.

(Image: American Express via Lifehacker)