Add NFC Payment to Your iPhone 4

Add NFC Payment to Your iPhone 4

Vivian Kim
Jul 29, 2011

Jealous of Nexus S users with NFC built into their phones? Want to be able to pay with your iPhone just by tapping it onto those new fancy credit card terminals? If your bank provides smaller credit cards with NFC chips, you can seamlessly add one to your iPhone 4.

Android users (or more specifically, Nexus S users) have NFC built into their phones. This gives them the ability to make credit card transactions simply by tapping their phone on a newer credit card terminal. Usually these are made for smaller purchases under $20 and don't require a signature or pin, making payments fast and convenient. Since the Nexus S has NFC built-in, you can swap between what payment service you want to use. You may not be able to do the same with an iPhone, however you can add a single credit card to your iPhone with this simple hack.

Current iPhones don't feature this technology, but if you have a bank that provides smaller NFC type cards you can easily add one to your iPhone 4 without changing it's outward appearance. I ordered one of these through Bank of America, which they call a Tap & Pay. I wanted to integrate it with my iPhone as seamlessly as possible, so I put it under the glass back of my iPhone 4. I have a picture using a transparent back (so you can see where it is placed) but I normally have the regular backer piece on it. Removing the back panel is pretty simple, as covered in our previous post, What to Do When You Crack Your iPhone 4's Back. Once the cover is off, position the card behind the battery and you are good to go. The glass backer is thin enough for credit card terminals and I have even had success scanning it with thick cases. Overall it's a fun and impressive hack that allows you to get just a little bit more out of your iPhone 4.

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