A Smart Shoe Storage Solution & More: Carrie Can

We have an enduring love of shoes. Okay, it’s more than a love, it’s an obsession. An obsession that has spawned a collection. A collection that needs storing. The need to find a good storage solution means that we’re always curious as to how other people manage their shoes. It was that curiosity that led us to the photos above and to our latest blog find, Carrie Can.

We came across Carrie’s shoe storage solution on Craftster. We loved the solution. Intrigued, we clicked on over to her blog and discovered a kindred spirit. Not only did she love shoes, she also loved rooms with type and clean, bright spaces that mixed modern, vintage and sweet art (which, we discovered, was created by her boyfriend who shares both her sensibility and her living space).

Sharing her inspiration for her own home (which we’ll be sharing in a house tour in the next few weeks) from a mix of blogs and magazines, her comments on the blog revealed a sly sense of humor. It was an added plus that, as a graphic designer living in Belgium, she introduced us to a number of blogs we were unfamiliar with and shared a novel perspective, even giving us a fresh take on things we’d already seen.

For more of Carrie Can, click here.

Images: Carrie Can