Moggit: Design with a Dose of Humor

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whoa now, hold on there. Before you start commenting away on the above tub, wondering if we’ve lost our mind, let us finish. Now you’ll definitely understand us when we ask you if you have ever come across a design where you thought to yourself “WTF was that person thinking when they designed that piece of furniture or decorated that room?” C’mon, ‘fess up. We know you have. (We’ve seen evidence of it in these posts.) The Moggit girls, Joy and Janet, are right there with you.

Correction. They already took the words right out of your mouth.

A “What the Fug?” for the home design set, you’ll get a laugh out of their some of their finds, sure that they’re a joke. They’re real. About other finds, you’ll scratch your head, wondering what’s wrong. And then they’ll hit you with their pithy zinger and you’ll find yourself embarrassed. Because it’s their take on what they find that’s priceless. They’ll mess with your head…and your home and your sense of good taste. To add a good chuckle to your day, click here.

Image from FreshHome via Moggity