Add This To Your Blogroll: Unconsumption Tumblr

Add This To Your Blogroll: Unconsumption Tumblr

Cambria Bold
Nov 1, 2011

Looking for more like-minded creative reuse thinkers? Then start with the Tumblr blog Unconsumption, billed as "your daily source of inspiration for creative reuse and mindful consumption."

What is unconsumption? According to the founders behind the blog:

Unconsumption means the accomplishment of properly recycling your old cellphone, rather than the guilt of letting it sit in a drawer.
Unconsumption means the thrill of finding a new use for something that you were about to throw away.
Unconsumption means the pleasure of using a service like Freecycle (or Craigslist, Goodwill, or Salvation Army) to find a new home for the functioning DVD player you just replaced, rather than throwing it in the garbage.
Unconsumption means enjoying the things you own to the fullest - not just at the moment of acquisition.
Unconsumption means the pleasure of using a pair of sneakers until they are truly worn out - as opposed to the nagging feeling of defeat when they simply go out of style.
Unconsumption means feeling good about the simple act of turning off the lights when you leave the room.
Unconsumption is not about the rejection of things, or the demonization of things. It's not a bunch of rules.
Unconsumption is an idea, a set of behaviors, a way of thinking about consumption itself from a new perspective.
Unconsumption is free.

Recently Unconsumption launched The Uncollection, an invitation to DIY'ers to use the Unconsumption logo in their creations. The logo is called Mr. Cart, and it's meant to be a one-symbol stand-in for the idea of creative repurposing, smart consumption, and enjoyable upcycling. After all, "sprucing up something you own by 'rebranding' it with this logo is a beautiful manifestation of the spirit of the Unconsumption project."

Read More: Unconsumption, and share your own thoughts on unconsumption by contributing to the Unconsumption wiki.

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