A Handmade Home: Crochet Bed Coverings

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve finally gotten around to decorating the bedroom in the apartment I’ve been living in for close to 7 months. Deciding that I wanted to add some bohemian vibes to the space, I figured a crochet blanket would be a nice place to begin.

Adding a hand-stitched bed covering to a room gives it that off-beat feel that combats the sterility often found in mass-produced items. Off-beat was exactly what I wanted. So, after crocheting a scarf for a Christmas gift, I thought I was probably up to the task of making a queen-size coverlet for my bedroom redo.

I must warn you- handmade crochet blankets are probably some of the most time consuming projects you can get yourself into. Thankfully, there are some great videos on YouTube that can get you started. I’ve been following this particular video that instructs (in 14 parts) how to make your own chevron “Granny Ripple” blanket. Aapting it from a baby size to a much larger queen size coverlet for my bed, the only things (besides the occasional spurt of crazy willpower) that is keeping my worn fingers from continuing are the inspiring images I’ve shared in this gallery. I even have the audacity to hope that you might be inspired to create your very own spectacular bed covering! The satisfaction that comes from finishing such a project is quite fulfilling. (So they tell me…)