9 Reasons Why It’s Infinitely Better to Clean by Yourself

published Oct 27, 2016
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Let’s be real—cleaning isn’t exactly fun for anyone (unless you’re Monica living in an old episode of Friends). But maybe, just maybe, cleaning doesn’t have to suck so much. The key to happy cleaning might actually be turning it into a solo activity, and finding ways to make it more fun. It can even be kind of calming if you approach it right.

Sure, teamwork makes the dream work, but sometimes when you’re cleaning house, it’s better to do it all on your own.

1. No one gets in your way.

You can vacuum, dust, and clean every surface in your home without asking anyone to move or trying to go around them.

2. You can make use of all the space.

Not only will no one be in your way, but with no one else around, you’re free to take over the entire space to get organized—even if it means using all the furniture to sort and fold your laundry.

3. You can make it a dance party—and pick the playlist.

Whatever your preferred cleaning pump-up music is, you can listen to it—and dance and sing along—free from the judgment from anyone else.

4. You set your own cleanliness expectations.

This applies more if you also live alone, but being in charge of the cleaning in your own space means the only expectations you have to live (and scrub) up to are your own.

5. You can rearrange and get rid of things.

Again, this is mostly if you’re in a solo situation, but with no one else there to tell you what to do, you can rearrange things and get rid of clutter at will.

6. You can take however long you need.

If you want to do a rush job in an hour or two or spend the whole day going back and forth between cleaning and relaxing, when you have the place to yourself, you can clean on your schedule.

7. You control the products you use, and how much.

Whether you hate certain scents, want to use more natural products, or want to be less wasteful with supplies, you’re the one in control, so you can do what works best for you.

8. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor first.

Is there anything better than being the first one to take a hot bath after the tub’s just been scrubbed clean? Nope—clean, and then live it up.

9. You can do it in your underwear.

When you’re home and cleaning by yourself, you can wear whatever you want—whether it’s ratty old clothes you don’t care about getting dirty, or nothing at all. (Bonus: If it’s the latter, you’ll get more laundry done in one go.)