Adventures and Outings: Eli and Dad in Lassen National Forest, CA

During our Escapes month on AT:The Nursery, we are posting great photos and tips for traveling with children from our readers. Please check here for all the details. The first twenty submissions posted will receive the official AT bib. Hope to hear from you soon!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Eli is a happy camper! This photo was taken this summer, during a family camping trip in Lassen National Forest. Eli’s parents have lots of great family travel tips, below:

• Travel Light! The less stuff you have to haul around with you and keep track of the better. I highly recommend a diaper backpack…I got mine from Lands End but I know there are many varieties out there. When we fly, we take the baby, an umbrella stroller which we gate check, and the diaper backpack, and that’s it. It’s a lifesaver.

•Ziploc bags – This often strikes casual observers as far too anal retentive, but when we fly places Eli and I usually share a suitcase, and I keep all of his clothes on one side, sorted by type (hats, socks, onesies, rompers, pj’s, shoes, etc) and sealed up in their own individual ziploc bags. It makes things a lot easier once you arrive and don’t have to dig in a giant suitcase for a tiny pair of baby socks.

• Borrow as many things as you can – if you have friends or family where you are traveling to, especially if they have children a little older than yours, they can often loan you a Pack and Play, car seat, bouncer, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask – people are usually more than happy to loan this stuff out.

• Take red eye flights whenever possible. The whole plane is dark and it’s his normal sleeping hours anyway, so usually if we can take a red eye he will sleep the whole time, and when he does wake to nurse, he’ll fall right back asleep afterwards. And nursing in the dark feels much more private. Flights during the day are just a lot less relaxed and usually Eli will want to play and make noise rather than just napping, especially on a long flight.

Your favorite way to make it feel like home?
I bring a special blanket

Must-have travel item?
Since I’m breastfeeding, I make sure I always have a bottle of water with me.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your tips and advice for traveling with a baby!

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