Thomas in London

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Names/Ages: Thomas (2)
Vacation Location: St. James Square, London

Favorite Baby or Child Friendly Activity There: London is great for small children. No matter where you go there is almost always a park near by where your kids can let of steam and enjoy themselves. Many parks even have facilities for children, including kid size sinks and toilets or even men’s room baby changing tables.

Best Tip for Traveling with Kids: Hotels make great stops for parents and children alike, whether for changing diapers and nursing or taking tea. People are also much more accepting of children in hotel cafes and restaurants.

Favorite Way to Make it Feel Like Home: Enjoy the day as it comes and return to familiar places. Children love to recognize sites that they have previously explored. It gives them an opportunity to appropriate a place as their own.

An Item you MUST Take With You While Traveling: Hand sanitizer.

Thanks, Katherine!

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