Liam & Dillon at Yosemite

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Names/Ages: Liam (6) & Dillon (3)
Vacation Location: Yosemite National Park, California

Favorite Baby or Child Friendly Activity There: Exploring while on the hikes and stops while riding bikes was great fun.

Best Tip for Traveling with Kids: Create Your Own Snack Pack – I think all kids are suckers for packaging. Most flights sell those snack packs, but the contents are not very healthy. Really, they are just full of sugar and who knows what else. So we creat our own Snack Pack. I grabbed a couple of the to go containers from the grocery store, and filled them with healthier goodies like: small apple (or banana), fruit leather, string cheese, & crackers. I put a little napkin on top and sealed it up. I decorated the outside with stickers and topped each with a label with their name on them. My kids were thrilled to have their own snack packs and didn’t even cry when I denied them the Airline’s Sugar Pack this time. It felt like a winner.

Favorite Way to Make it Feel Like Home: We actually don’t try to make it feel like home. We do our best to help our kids embrace the new adventure and trying new things.

An Item you MUST Take With You While Traveling: Ahboo and baby Ahboo. (zebra lovies from jellycat) We can’t go on a trip without them.

Thanks, Danielle!

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