Adventures and Outings: Grace Prevails in Portugal

During our Escapes month on Ohdeedoh, we are posting great photos and tips for traveling with children from our readers. Please check here for all the details. Hope to hear from you soon.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

People thought Grace’s parent’s were crazy for traveling with a teething eight-month-old, but it looks like Grace more than performed under fire. In fact, the family had such a great time, they’re planning another trip to Ireland in 2009!

Location where picture was taken: Portimao, Portugal

Favorite activity: Touring the markets. Always lots of action (er…distraction) for little eyes to look at.

Best tip: ASK! Call ahead. I never imagined we would be able to have a highchair, playpen and other misc waiting at our rental apartment. Also ask at the airport. We had an extra seat both ways… not that she sat in it for all that long. My lap was much comfier for the eight-hour trip!

How to make it feel like home: The same bath soap and blankie that you use at home. At the end of an adventurous and often long day, it proved to make it feel familiar enough that it was like home.

Must-have travel items: A backpack/purse/diaper bag that is unisex so that whether you are wearing/carrying the kids or your husband is, either of you can carry the baggage and not feel out of place. We love the MEC sling carryall (Canadian)… just the right size to fit the essentials.