Adventures and Outings: Kendall Storms the Castle

Adventures and Outings: Kendall Storms the Castle

Carrie McBride
Aug 25, 2008

During our Escapes month on Ohdeedoh, we are posting great photos and tips for traveling with children from our readers. Please check here for all the details. Hope to hear from you soon.

Only 7 months old, Kendall is racking up stamps on her passport! This relaxed world traveler recently visited France, Germany and Austria and had a grand time.

The city and location the photo was taken in: Neuschwanstein Castle in Southern Germany.

Your favorite baby or child-friendly activity there: Kendall was about 2 months old, so her main activities were eating and sleeping. She did eat in some of the coolest places - on the steps of Versailles, underneath the Eiffel Tower, along the Champs de Elysses, and all over Bavaria.

Your best tip or words of wisdom for traveling with kids: We've not only gone to Europe with Kendall, but we've moved across the country from Ohio to California, and taken a trip to Hawaii, so she's a well-seasoned traveler for her 7 months of age. And I feel like we're pretty much travel experts now (although, I still get nervous whenever we take a trip). My best tip for traveling with a baby is to RELAX! The baby totally feeds off of the parents' energy. If the parent is stressed, the baby will be stressed, making for a stressful trip. Thankfully, Kendall is a very easy-going baby, so I think for us, it worked the other way. I could tell she was relaxed, so it made me relax.

Your favorite way to make it feel like home: My favorite way to make it feel like home is to bring plenty of clothing options. You never know when you're baby will be especially "leaky" and if you're not going to be near a washer/dryer, and don't want to have to run out and buy extra clothes, it's nice to have a nice stockpile in the suitcase.

An item you MUST take with you when traveling: A sling of some kind. If you're going to a city and will be using public transportation, like a subway, a stroller just won't cut it. I thought we would use our stroller all over Europe, but we used it maybe twice. We used a Baby Bjorn, and would never have survived Paris without it!

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