Advice for Saner Living: Give Yourself Mondays Off

published Jun 17, 2014
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Yesterday’s post about Giving Yourself a Break in the Morning resonated with sleepy heads and imperfectionists alike. Although many readers got hung up on the facetious suggestion to save time by applying deodorant mid-commute, reader Dulcibella’s comment was exactly in the spirit of the post: her own “Mondays off” policy as a way of giving herself a much-needed literal and figurative break.


All of us should learn to be kinder to ourselves, so we can be kinder to others. If there’s a day when you can sleep a little later, make a ritual of it. Make it really special. Sleep in, have a special breakfast, leave the dishes and the unmade bed. This is the day to take a taxi or read a novel on the train instead of doing work. Stretch it out to make the whole day pleasant.

When my kids were young, I gave myself Mondays ‘off’. Even when I was working, I still counted it as a day off. My priority on Monday was my own pleasure.

At work, where possible, I scheduled meetings I was looking forward to on Mondays and the ones I dreaded on other days. I organized and tidied and had lunch out with a friend and tried to do the parts of my work that nourished me most.

At home, we always had the same meal on Mondays: spaghetti and meatballs. I put frozen meatballs and tomato sauce in the slow cooker before I left in the morning and only had to do a salad and pasta when we got home. Obviously with young kids you can’t ever be entirely selfish, but it doesn’t hurt them at all to know that Mom’s need to have fun, too. On Mondays the kids got packed lunches with the processed foods I normally didn’t allow (and they loved).

After they were in bed, Monday was the day I could go to bed early with a book and not feel guilty about all the other things I wasn’t doing. Mondays kept me sane and able to enjoy and work hard every other day of the week.

Thanks for the insightful comment! I’m picking Thursdays…