Affordable, Eco-Fabric Bins from The Container Store

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

For our redesign and organizing business, we have frequent occasion to help people select storage bins to corral their stuff. More times than not, we revert to plastic bins. So we’re delighted that the Container Store has introduced an eco line of storage options. These bins are made from…

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69% recycled PET (plastic bottles) and 31% recycled cotton fabrics. And at $12.99 for a small bin and $14.99 for a large bin, they are relatively affordable.

But BEFORE you rush out to buy more containers to solve your organizational challenges, remember an important organizing principle: containers are the LAST step of a thoughtful organizing process, only after you’ve sorted and purged your belongings do you have a clear picture of the quantity of stuff left to be stored. And often times in the process, you’ll discover you actually don’t need more containers! But when you do, give these eco-bins a close look!

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