Afraid of Committing To Color?

Afraid of Committing To Color?

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 15, 2008

With Fall Colors happening we have seen some beautiful examples of how to brighten up our walls and our decor in general. But what happens if you aren't quite ready to hop aboard the color train? Are you the type of person who's worst enemy is a blank canvas or piece of paper? Click through the jump to see how this movie advertisement inspired an inexpensive and easy way to break the ice in the world or color.

When we first saw this artwork accompanying the review of Synecdoche, New York in this month's Blender magazine, we suddenly felt like we were 5 again and with big sparkly eyes said, "Oooooh Pretty!"
Our first reaction was to say that this could be an easy DIY project for someone to cover a large open wall space for very little change. But then we thought since it would be made of paper, then they would probably droop and sag and not be worth our time. So that idea was a bust.
But then inspiration really hit. What if we made all these fun little blocks of paper to help us decide on which colors we want in our spaces. Being able to make something temporary (and tangible) to add to our space for a few weeks while we decide if it's a color we are committed to.
It made perfect sense, why not spend a few bucks on paper instead of $200 on a lamp. The paper can go in the recycle bin, the lamp would have to be sold on Craigslist or the likes if it ended up not working.

Sure you can accomplish the same thing by spending $10 or so on a small can of test paint, but when we are trying to bring color into our rooms, the walls isn't always where we want to do it, and more importantly, we don't always want to commit to repainting if we end up not finding a color we truly love (no one wants a few test splotches on their wall for a few months or more!).

So why not bust out the scissors and spend a night folding up paper into fun geometric shapes? When they have served their purpose they could be a fun centerpiece for your table or shredded for packing material.
Don't worry about tackling color all at once, or think you have to buy something to see if you like the color scheme you had in mind. The scrapbook aisle at any hobby store has you covered and there to help you out of a color jam.

(Illustration by August Heffner for Blender Magazine. Check out his design portfolio for some beautiful uses of color!)

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