Unleash More iPhone Features Without Jailbreaking

Unleash More iPhone Features Without Jailbreaking

Jason Yang
Jan 30, 2012

Many of us would love the extra features gained by jailbreaking the iPhone, but for one reason or another, not everyone actually frees their phone from the stock features shackles. Bookmarklets are a neat little trick to gain some of the advantages of jailbreaking without actually modifying your phone. Add search within your web browser, jump straight to the bottom of a webpage, jump directly to your bluetooth, WiFi, and many, many other settings, trips, and tricks.

What is a bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is a small snippet of JavaScript code that is saved as a bookmark within your web browser. When you click the bookmark it runs the JavaScript, allowing you to perform additional tasks within the webpage or on your computer (the iPhone is a super small computer after all). There have been tons of bookmarklets written to help optimize your iPhone experience. When you set these shortcuts as icons on your home screen, they become quick ways to access various settings as well as provide new features within a webpage.

Some Useful Bookmarklet Resources

iPhoneZA - IconSettings: Provides direct access to specific settings and screens on your iPhone including: AutoLock, Cellular Usage, Brightness, Bluetooth, Date And Time, FaceTime, Keyboard, iCloud, WiFi, Hotspot, and many more features.

Digital Inspiration: Useful Bookmarklets for your iPad and iPhone

Garkbit's iPhone Scroll To bookmarklet let's users automatically scroll or a section of long vertically oriented websites. To use it, just select the bookmark from the bookmarks menu, enter a value between 0-100 (where 0 is the page top and 100 is the page bottom) into the prompt and hit OK.

Firoz Ansari' s iPhone - Scroll Bottom Bookmarklet is similar, automating scrolling to the bottom of a page automatic also.

Read it Later adds the following:
• Read it later
• Mark as read
• Reading list
• Tap to save

Aside from the iPhone specific screen setting pages, many of these work on all sorts of devices and web browsers. It's not just all of the seconds saved using these shortcuts, but the frustration of having to dig through endless menus and perform tedious tasks just to get to something that should be quite simple. Bluetooth... ON!

(Images: Read It Later)

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