Asplund Air Bench

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Air Bench from Swedish Collective Asplund (designed by Thomas Sandell), has been unavailable in the US for several years, but we just came across a new version, in metal, that can be purchased through Stockholm Objects, a Hinsdale, Illinois based store that happens to sell some of their Scandinavian goods over the web.

This new version is being produced in metal instead of wood, but even in metal it retains an elegant, utilitarian playfulness. We’ve had ours for almost ten years (we bought it at Totem Design in NY) and it has served us gracefully in many capacities, from side table (lamp cords conveniently channel out of sight through one of the surface holes) to sturdy dining bench to window seat in the nursery.

The Air Bench, not surprisingly, is a lightweight wonder due to its re-enforced joints and its holey construction, so you can move it from indoors to outdoors and back without concern for your lower back.

$659.00, here.