Airbnb Host Gets A Very Non-Sexy Surprise

Airbnb Host Gets A Very Non-Sexy Surprise

Jennifer Hunter
Mar 19, 2014
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Airbnb is a great vehicle for connecting well-intentioned and responsible travelers with hosts, until it's not. Here's a situation that Ari Teman never throught he'd be in. Friday night, in a seemingly normal transaction, he rented his Manhattan pad to a guy who was just looking for a place for his relatives to stay while in NYC for a wedding. Nope. When he unexpectedly returned to his apartment that evening, he discovered that his tenant was hosting a, well, as twitter put it, a "XXX Freak Fest." Uh oh.

In his apartment he found, as one would expect, overturned damaged furniture, liquor bottles and yep, lots of condoms. The cops had even been called to shut down the pay-to-play orgy ($20 before 1am and $25 after).

The hero here is Airbnb, who quickly addressed the violating experience. They put Teman up in a hotel, changed his locks and compensated him to the tune of $23,817. His tenant was swiftly booted from the site and questioned by the police.

Airbnb's emergency strategy has sure changed since the 2011 incident in which a woman's apartment was burgled by a "guest" when their response was less than supportive. This time around, in a statement to Gawker, they were quick to point out, and rightly so, that these types of situations are "incredibly rare."

Of course you can have a bad experience anywhere you stay, but we're still wondering, do you participate in peer-to-peer rentals? Are they a travel bargain or are you scared of getting more than you bargained for?

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