AirG for Wii’s Pop Star Guitar

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is right up Unplggd’s alley: We love playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band. But being Apartment Therapy fans, we have to have some solution for storing all of those massive components—because you know we’re not the type to leave that lying around our living room. I keep my drum kit and two guitars in a hallway closet. But I’ll admit I get lazy sometimes and leave the drums out rather than taking them apart and storing them again. But the AirG for the upcoming Wii title PopStar Guitar might solve my inner conflict of video game rocking vs. a decluttered room. Just slip the Wiimote into the tiny AirG case and you can rock out wirelessly with four fret buttons (just no strum bar).

Pop Star Guitar for Wii will run $60 but include two AirGs right out of the box. PS2 users will have to settle for using existing toy guitars to play. Available this November.