Air-Out Your Wet Shoes

Air-Out Your Wet Shoes

Kristen Lubbe
Mar 12, 2010

I love finding products and concepts that we can see an actual need for. I was raised in Florida for much of my life &mdash we're talkin' about 16 years spent in the sunshine state and even though I currently live in Philadelphia, I can't shake my Floridian habits.

I may or may not have cleared snow off of the car in vans with no socks and I may or may not wear pointy-toe black flats when there's over two inches of snow on the ground. Some call me dumb, but I call myself southern. No matter how cold it gets, or how much snow there is &mdash I'm going to wear whatever shoes I want. Now let me get one thing straight, it's not like I'm wearing stilettos while there's snow and ice on the ground &mdash I'm not that bad.

Getting back to my point: I wear lace up vans all-the-time, with no socks (gross, I know). When I wear them while there's snow on the ground, they obviously are wet by the time I get home. I've previously shared with you DryGuy &mdash a somewhat similar clothing and shoe dryer. We love that idea, but I was happy to find something a little smaller.

I'm a little sad that the Air (designed by Olga Kalugina) is just a concept, because I think it could be a really useful and handy product. It can be used to dry shoes, umbrellas, berries and even fruit (obviously a lot of other items as well). Air's adjustable legs allow the user to position it in the best way for each item you intend to dry. The power source comes from a cord that needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

The Air has a timer that allows you to designate how long the Air will be working to dry an item. The vent that allows the warm air to dry an item is on the bottom of the product, while the 'exhaust' is located on the top. Due to the adjustable legs, you can use the Air for a wide range of products. In the images from Air, you can see that it was turned upside down to dry an umbrella that was placed on top of it.

I enjoy how small and compact this item is. It would work great in my home because I would be able to always dry my wet vans after foolishly wearing them in the snow. I don't use umbrellas much, but if I did, this seems to be an easy, quick and efficient way to dry one.

[via Yanko Design]

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