This Is How Aisha Dee From “The Bold Type” Spends Her Perfect Night In

updated Jul 30, 2020
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Perfect Night In is a series where we ask actors, artists, entrepreneurs, and beyond how they’d spend the ultimate luxury—a blissful evening at home.

The Bold Type” is rushing back into our lives with season 3 airing t-o-n-i-g-h-t, and I couldn’t be more stoked. Not only am I a loyal watcher of the show, but I’m also a fan of all the actors in it—including our Aisha Dee, who is sharing what she’d do during a Perfect Night In.

Playing the social media guru Kat Edison, Dee’s character is always tuned into what’s going viral and trending every second of every minute of every hour. Being a former social media editor myself, I know how exhausting it is to constantly be fishing for content 24-7. While Kat handles every obstacle thrown her way with grace, Dee is straight-up honest by saying that she wants nothing to do with social media during her downtime—and I have nothing but respect for her.

Other than what she likes to avoid, the actress gave us the lowdown on what she loves to dive into during her nights in—from the cauliflower wings that she’s eating to the incense that she’s lighting. What better way to pregame the premiere than getting a behind-the-scenes look at the real woman behind the show’s fictional Instagram account?

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Set the Scene

Your perfect homebody scene in 5 words: Incense, ukulele, takeout, no pants.

Are you alone or with someone else? I’m probably alone.

Night-in uniform: No pants, obviously, and just a really baggy oversized t-shirt that’s probably been through the wash too many times, so it’s always got holes in it and stuff. It makes me happy.

What two people, dead or alive, would you let crash your night? First of all, Josephine Baker because I’m very obsessed with her, and anyone who knows me knows that my obsession runs very deep. If I had a teleporting machine, probably my mom. We never get to hang out.

(Image credit: Jenny Chang-Rodriguez)

Now Playing

TV or a movie? Probably TV.

What are you watching? Lately I’ve been really obsessed with that show “PEN15.” It’s on Hulu; it’s an incredible show about two girls in middle school and it’s the most nostalgic piece of television that has existed in a long time. I love the two women who make the show—they’re mutual friends of mine—and it’s so therapeutic and wonderful. It’s set in 2001, so if you’re anyone between 25 and 35—that’s when you grew up, which makes it special.

eBooks or the real deal? eBooks make my eyes hurt. I would much rather read a regular book.

Currently reading? Reading is kind of meditative for me and helps my anxiety a lot, so I like the philosophical stuff. I like reading Thich Nhat Hanh, she has a really wonderful book called “Peace Is Every Step.”

Silence or music? Music, definitely. If I’m not playing my ukulele I’m playing a record or something. There’s no silence in my house. I was recently playing a ’70s band called Witch, it’s an acronym for “We Intend To Cause Havoc.” They’re dope.

Board games, yay or nay? Nay for me. I get too competitive, it ruins relationships for me. I do like Connect Four though, it’s wonderful.

(Image credit: Jenny Chang-Rodriguez)

What’s cooking

Order in or cook for yourself? I only know how to make a bowl of cereal, so definitely takeout.

What are you eating? There’s this one vegan restaurant that’s pretty close to my place and they have the most amazing cauliflower wings. I know it sounds kind of boring, but I swear to God they’re so good. If I don’t have plans on a Friday night, I’m ecstatic. I could not be happier with my cauliflower wings, and playing my ukulele with no friends.

What drink are you pouring? Rosé. I’m so basic, really.

What’s for dessert? I have a thing for eating almond butter straight from the jar. I don’t know what it is, but it’s very comforting to me. I think it’s because I grew up eating peanut butter from the jar.

Late night snack? Popcorn is really great. It helps me stay awake if I’m bingeing a TV show.

(Image credit: Jenny Chang-Rodriguez)

Take care

Do you have a self-care ritual? I try to meditate as much as I can. If I’m PMS-ing, I have this heating pad for my cramps that I literally travel with in my backpack. Also, I’m in heels all the time, so I’m usually lying on the floor with my feet on the wall to help.

What do you try to avoid at all costs? The news cycle and social media, banish it all.

Candles, yay or nay? Yay! I like vanilla, but actually I’m usually more of an incense girl.

Face masks, yay or nay? Yay! I just used a face mask I got in a gift bag recently. You gotta save those coins where you can.

Bubble bath, yay or nay? Yay! Bubble bath with Epsom salts.

Chores, yay or nay? Nay! Absolutely not. Who says yes to that?

Ideal bedtime? I would love to get to bed at 7:30 p.m., but I never get there.

Thanks for chatting with us, Aisha!