Alapash Terrariums: Glass Gardens for Small Spaces

Chicago-based Marco Chavarry creates tiny terrariums from succulents, moss, stones, and personal objects. While there are tons of Etsy shops and garden stores selling similar stuff, Marco’s feel unique in the sense that they’re more like little shrines than purely decorative objects.

Small Buddhas, Ganesh statues, or tin soldiers are hidden inside some, while others have tiny stone paths laid in the base of the glass.

Marco explains the store name: “Some time ago, back home in Peru, a friend and I used to go through wonderful magazines filled with amazing pictures of places all around the world. These pictures were like little windows, escapes from the everyday routine, which would transport us to places of pure tranquility, and luxury. We called these places and moments “alapash.”

Most of the terrariums run around $30, although there are more expensive ones as well. Care instructions are very simple — just mist with water every week and a tiny bit of fertilizer in the spring, keep them in a spot with indirect sunlight, and remove dead leaves when you see them.

Marco’s site isn’t yet set up for online ordering — to purchase, pick your terrarium from the web gallery, then phone or email your order in.