Alarms Aren't Just For Waking Up: These 5 Alarms Will Keep You & Your Home On Track

Alarms Aren't Just For Waking Up: These 5 Alarms Will Keep You & Your Home On Track

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 27, 2015

You set an alarm to wake up in the morning most days. And you maybe even have alarms for things like taking medicine. But that always-with-us device in our pockets and purses can also help us remember these important daily tasks that could make our lives (and homes) better. Set one of these alarms or timers today!

Screen time limit timer

How many nights a week do I tell myself I'm only going to watch one episode of The X-Files, and then a few episodes later realize it's been a few hours? It's more than I'd like to admit. But, on the evenings I set an alarm for how much time I'd like to spend in front of the screen, it's easier to tear myself away from Netflixing and go workout or work on a DIY project.

A 10-minute morning pick-up alarm & timer

On our busy days, it can be easy to tell ourselves the story that we don't have any time to put toward cleaning and picking up our homes. And it's true you might not have hours and hours to put effort toward cleaning each and every day. But I bet you can find ten minutes (or even just five) to do a quick pick-up of a hot spot in your home like your living room or bathroom. Setting a timer means you won't go overboard and be late getting out of the door, and the act of setting an alarm means you get yourself into the habit of it.

A 20-minute evening pick-up alarm & timer

It's the exact same idea as above, just a little longer if you can. Twenty (or thirty, if you can spare it) minutes of a little deeper cleaning (maybe vacuuming a room or wiping down the counters of the bathroom or kitchen) means staying on top of daily cleaning tasks so your weekly and monthly cleaning take way less time.

Get moving! alarm & timer

We know it's healthy to get exercise a few times a week, but how many of us keep pushing back the task of moving back and back as the day goes along, until it's sometimes too late to get a good workout in?

Bedtime alarm

For those who want to go to bed earlier and wake up early to get a head start on the day, don't discount the helpfulness of setting an alarm for when you want to start getting ready to get ready for bed. We've known for awhile that setting up a little buffer of time before getting into bed for putting the lights down low and cultivating some peace can make falling asleep easier and sleep better, so set an alarm to remind you when it's time to dim the lights and bring out the pajamas.

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