Grow Your Dream Herbal Garden Indoors With Aldi Kits For Under $6

published Mar 27, 2019
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We know by now that Aldi’s plant game (which includes a variety of hanging plants and foliage in sleek white pots) is strong, and they don’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. In this week’s installment of Aldi Finds, there are basil, lavender, and strawberry growing kits. And since you can never have too many indoor plants (the limit does not exist), here’s a breakdown of what’s inside.

The $5.99 kits come with seeds (or the actual plant, as is the case for the strawberry grow kit), growing medium, growing instructions, and—best of all—a metal watering can to house the plant. Just imagine it: an aesthetic watering can filled with fresh lavender perched atop a windowsill, its sweet fragrance intermingling with the smells of home cooking and your favorite candles.

(Image credit: Aldi)

The kits are identical, except for what you will be growing inside of them, so the choice is yours. Will it be sweet strawberries from the Ozark Beauty plant, lavender grown from non-GMO seeds, or organic basil?

For strawberries, you’ll want to make sure to place them in a sunny spot for optimal results. Check out our guide to growing strawberries here. Top tips include watering regularly and harvesting the berries as soon as they’re ripe (indicated by a bright red color).

Lavender also requires plenty of sunshine to thrive, and the plant needs to be well-drained. To keep those beautiful buds blooming, we recommend clipping faded flowers as part of its upkeep.

Growing basil is fairly straightforward, but to help you out we’ve detailed the top do’s and don’ts here. Do place your plant in a spot where it can get six to eight hours of full sun, and water frequently. Don’t let your plant bloom; pinch off any flowers that begin to form. As pretty as the flowers may be, pruning them allows more delicious basil leaves to grow.