Aldi Is Selling the Cutest $5 Plants That Shoppers Are Buying 3 of at a Time

published Jan 30, 2024
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If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2024 is to work on turning your brown thumb green, then you’ve probably read that you should start with something easy like a cactus or succulent. Plants like these can withstand being forgotten about for a few days (or, um … a few weeks) and aren’t too picky about light (although they do need daily sunlight). And right now you can risk a little — literally! — and reap great reward because Aldi is selling mini succulent plants for just under $5.

“We’re obsessing over these succulents, and we’re even more obsessed with the price of $4.99,” an Aldi spokesperson said in a recent TikTok video. 

Per the Aldi website, the retailer is selling six different succulents available in stores, including hawthoria (zebra) plants, small clusters of aloe, pachyphytum (with its thick leaves), and two varieties of echeveria

Darker green succulents like more light than their lighter-hued counterparts, so you can put your aloe or zebra plants on a windowsill to get up to eight hours of direct sunlight per day. But keep an eye out for sunburn — if the tips of your succulent’s leaves are turning brown, it’s time to move them back from the window into indirect sunlight.

Alternatively, if your succulent begins growing outward and stretching limbs outside of its pot, it’s not getting enough sunlight. You can fix this by moving it closer to a south-facing window to prevent it from stretching out much further.

If you can’t make it to Aldi to outfit your windowsill in greenery, Amazon is selling a five-pack of real succulents that are potted in 2″ starter planters with soil. (You have the choice of shopping for round or square pots and can go as big as you’d like, buying anywhere from a 10-, 15-, or 100-count set.) The succulents ship straight from a farm in California.

Head to your nearest Aldi (or Amazon) to pick up one (okay, who am I kidding, a few) $5 succulent plants to start turning your brown thumb reputation around. This deal may just turn you into a proud plant parent overnight.