Alessiphone: A Great Alternative For Those of Us Who Can't Let Go of a Landline

Alessiphone: A Great Alternative For Those of Us Who Can't Let Go of a Landline

Range Govindan
Jan 19, 2009

Even though most of us are slowly letting go of our landlines, there are still many homes who have them. Sometimes, it's just easier to have a landline. I for one have got IP phones. That being said, there are a lot of different possibilities out there for people wanting to get rid of their landlines. You could simple do away with it and only use your cell phone. Nowadays, cell phone companies have plans and hardware that make your cell phone act like a landline in your house. For others, getting a nicer spiffier handset might do the trick.

We have to say that this is one nicely designed phone. The Alessiphone was launched at the Macef Milan Fair 2009 and designed by Stefano Giovannoni. It's made from polycarbonate and consists of a base and a handset. The two parts join together, leaving only a hole in the center, which illuminates when the phone rings. The phone comes with a variety of backgrounds and ring tones.

The phone is naturally cordless and looks pretty good. There is something to be said about landlines. They rarely go down. IP phones and other newer technological ideas go dead when there is no power. This might be a great way to use your landline, with a stylish modern looking phone. This would be a phone that I'd like to use. Naturally, specs aren't out just yet, but wouldn't it be convenient if it could be used as a Skype or IP phone as well? [via Designboom]

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