AlestRukov’s Wooden Optical Mouse

Russia’s AlestRukov brings the stylish look of wooden Grado headphones to one of the most familiar pieces in our daily input paradigm – the optical mouse. But while undeniably one of coolest things we’ve seen in a while, this pretty little piece of interactive woodwork doesn’t come cheap.

Handcrafted using cultivated sustainable woods and carved, sanded and polished to a shiny finish using linseed oil and carnuba wax, and built from the finest electronic components (1600 dpi, 1 million rated clicks), there’s no doubt that AlestRukov takes mouse making seriously. We’re definitely diggin’ the red cable – it reminds us of some headphone mods we’ve seen around on the Internets lately.

Of course, with such luxurious attention to detail, you can expect a hefty price to mach it. Prices range depending on the type of wood you choose (Bubinga, Makor, Sapele, and Ebony woods are some of the many options available). The cheapest wood (well, if you could even call it that) comes in at about $996 while the more expensive woods will run you around $1281. Oh, and while you’re there, be a kind lad and send us some 60-inch flat panels from our offices, will ya?

[Via Technabob]