Alice, Can I Throw Myself a Housewarming Party?

Alice, Can I Throw Myself a Housewarming Party?

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Jul 7, 2015
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Hi Alice!

At 39, I have lived with roommates and overseas, but have never had my own apartment. I finally realized that I can’t wait around for a husband and kids—I have to live the life I have! Now that I finally have my own place, I would love to invite people over! I’m really excited to show it off to all my friends and coworkers, but putting together your own household is expensive, so I still need a few things. Should I have a housewarming party? It’s not a house, just a 635 square foot apartment. I would love to receive some things I really need but I feel weird asking people to bring gifts. I could really use your advice!


Housewarming Help

Dear HH,

First of all, good for you! You shouldn't be waiting to live your own life in your own place! Kudos on the big move.

Now, on to your question. Let's start here: have you been to (and brought a gift to) any other housewarming parties recently? Would these friends and coworkers simply be reciprocating? I ask because, to me, a casual housewarming party doesn't necessarily denote "bring a gift," so if you truly want a salad spinner and sheet sets you're probably gonna need to specifically request them with a registry and an official invite. If that's the sort of thing that your group of friends does on the regular then I'd say go for it. Otherwise, you might want to think twice.

Why not try this: send out a casual email invitation to a housewarming party at your new place. On the invite, tell everyone that you're still trying to fill out your arsenal of household goods so if they have any duplicates in the kitchen or hand-me-downs that they're ready to donate to your cause, you're open and willing to take it off their hands. It will be a low-pressure way to get a few things you need and perhaps help your friends clean out their clutter at the same time.



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