Alice, Is it Rude Not to Invite My Friends' Significant Others to My Holiday Party?

Alice, Is it Rude Not to Invite My Friends' Significant Others to My Holiday Party?

Ask Alice
Nov 18, 2015
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Dear Alice,

This will be my first December being single in years. I LOVE the holidays, and always love throwing parties, but I don't want to be the only single girl in a sea of couples. I'd love to throw a holiday party to cheer myself up—is it rude to invite my friends without their significant others?


Dear Grinchy,

Ain't no party like a solo party 'cause a solo party don't stop!

Kidding. Actually, I do think it's rude or at least ungracious. Imagine the reverse: "Sorry Grinchy, this is a couples party so I can't invite you." The holidays are a time of inclusion and getting together with people we wish we saw more often (true, sometimes the holidays are a time of making awkward chit chat with your co-worker's husband strategically placed next to the chip bowl) and excluding your friends' significant others isn't exactly in the spirit of the holiday.

If you have your heart set on throwing a holiday soirée, invite your friends and their mates and maybe suggest they bring along a friend or two. Who knows, maybe these add-ons will be singles themselves. Separately, get your girlfriends together for a more intimate gathering: an afternoon of ice skating and hot chocolate, a holiday-themed slumber party to watch Love Actually (for the 22nd time) or a cookie-making dance party extravaganza (let's make that a thing, please).

The best gift you can give yourself this holiday is to embrace a positive mindset about being single. Don't close your eyes to the relationships around you. You'll harm your friendships and your self-esteem. Open your eyes to all the beautiful connections around you and work on expanding and strengthening them. Have a happy holiday—after all, it's the hap-happiest season of all.


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