Alice, My Fiancé's Awful Sister Refuses to Leave Our Apartment

Alice, My Fiancé's Awful Sister Refuses to Leave Our Apartment

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Sep 27, 2017

Hi Alice,

So my fiancé and I got our own apartment back in April of this year. His sister and her girlfriend have been "staying" here for nearly six months now, sleeping on my couch all day, getting up at about 3:00 pm and finally leaving until about 11:00 pm. They are rude to me, they had to pay rent ONE time but act like they own the place.

So what's the best thing to do? My landlord knows they are here, and she wants them out, I've had two infractions for them being here but I can't get them to leave, I'm super frustrated and I'm on this lease!


Riled Up Renter

Hi Riled,

Well, not much to debate here, it is definitely time for them to go. Not only are they making your home life unpleasant, they're causing friction with the landlord. We've tackled helping an unwanted house guest fly the coop before, a few times actually, where are all of these rude folks coming from? I'm curious as to why your fiancé is tolerating his sister's awful behavior? Have you discussed it with him in depth? It seems like you two need to have a serious sit down and you need to make it clear that this no longer works for you and figure out next steps. One things for sure, you and your fiancé need to be a united front when it comes to presenting whatever it is you guys decide.

You need to give them a hard end date. Get it in writing, tape it to the bathroom mirror, remind them every day and let them know that if their stuff isn't boxed up by the deadline you will box it up for them. If your fiancé is worried about leaving them high and dry, he can reach out to other family members or friends to see if they can host them (with a clear time limit), but that burden is on him. Either way there needs to be a clear deadline, with zero wiggle room and no room for extension.

If they don't respond, it sounds like you can possibly enlist the help of your landlord, who is hopefully well versed in the tenant laws of your area. Since they're not on the lease and haven't been paying rent, things should be in your favor legally, it just depends on how much bandwidth you have for pursuing legal action. I've linked here before but these legal resources are incredibly helpful for an overview of your rights. There are often housing rights organizations and tenant's rights hotlines for specific areas, they would be a great resource for you if you end up needing to take legal action.

All the best,


P.S. Readers, any advice on getting unwelcome house guests out?

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