Alice, Should I Publicly Shame My Terrible Movers?

Alice, Should I Publicly Shame My Terrible Movers?

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Aug 13, 2015
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Dear Alice,

I recently made a local move. I asked for recommendations for local movers from my realtor. She could not provide any, but solicited names of reliable movers from her colleagues. I interviewed two movers, and chose one based on my interaction and the glowing recommendation of my realtor's coworker. In short, the move was disastrous. There was much damage to upholstery as well as wood furniture. The packers did a horrendous job.

To top it off, three weeks post-move I discovered that my wedding silver had been stolen as well as my iPod Nano. I was unable to recoup my losses due to the fact that according to the contract, the time for reporting the theft had passed. (I am a widow, and unpacked the whole house on my own, thus the delay in emptying boxes.) I am chalking this up as a life lesson, since I should have had the foresight to take the valuables with me.

Here is my question: I have found this moving company's Facebook page. I have struggled with whether or not to tag them in a status update on my page, detailing my experience. What are your thoughts on publicly shaming this company?

Thank you for any and all comments,
Moving Mess

Dear Moving Mess,

Forget Facebook; go straight to Yelp. That's the place where potential customers will search for information about this company before deciding to hire them. It's also a space specifically tailored for reporting on your experience.

So should you tattle on this company for doing a bad job at their job? Yes! Be honest and fair with your review (no rants please, it will only make you sound less credible) and you could be saving their next potential victims a world of hurt.


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