Alison's Cure: All I've Been Avoiding

Alison's Cure: All I've Been Avoiding

Alison Gerber
Jan 3, 2014
(Image credit: Alison Gerber)

There's nothing like making a list of jobs to do around the house to un-earth all the things you've been avoiding for the last few months…or even two years. Welcome to my list of shame: all those things I have been hiding behind blankets, under the couch, in closets, too high to see - all the things I've been shoving under a rock, and one thing in particular I simply can't avoid any longer.

Rather than post the entire list here, here are my "highlighted" three-to-five-per-room points.


  • Finally turn that library card catalog into side table - buy and attach hairpin legs
  • Organize walk-in closet
  • Give blue stools away
  • Do something with dolls house (store? restore? sell?)
  • Dust top of bookshelf


  • File box of papers
  • Take down last year's calendar
  • Take Jonathan's chair to office
  • Put large boxes away into closet
  • Find a place in kitchen for bread machine

Ralph + Ivy's Room:

  • Put picture back in frame
  • Tidy front-facing bookshelves
  • Clean spots on carpet


  • Replace lightbulb
  • Hang new shower curtain liner
  • Put poster into frame
  • Find basket for diapers
  • Clean behind the toilet

Living Room:

  • Fix bad lighting
  • Hang more art
  • Clean sofa
  • Find place for kids' trampoline


  • Finish covering cabinets with contact paper
  • Take down the 2012 calendar
  • And last, but definitely not least: repair our dining chairs.

The dining chairs have been breaking, one by one, over the past two years and now we are down to one un-broken chair. We are presently sitting on our two desk chairs at the dining table. There is an actual mountain of broken chairs in our basement storage. It's that bad, folks. It's time.

Dear Cure,

Please cure my dining-chair-repair-avoidance syndrome.


your annual friend,

Alison Gerber.

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