Alison’s Interview: Dad Meets Design

published Oct 24, 2014
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This year’s Cure isn’t for me, it’s for my Dad. Recently retired, not quite sure what to do with himself, and kicked out of his bedroom because he snores too much — it’s time Dad gets a little space for himself. But how do you get a straight answer about style out of someone who, in his own words, defines his own look as “embarrassing?”

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In surveying my Dad, it made me realize how bizarre and how foreign our Apartment Therapy world is sometimes to many regular people in the world. People who like a nice evening out at the casino, or saving money on clothes, or curling up on a Friday night with a pulp fiction novel or a murder mystery.

It’s going to be a challenge, colliding these two worlds this month, but we’re going to give it a good ol’ try.

Without further ado, here are my Dad’s answers to the style cure survey.

Style Cure Interview

1. Favorites:

  • Actor: Sean Connery, because I look like him, obviously.
  • Artist: Rembrandt
  • Writer: This up and coming one…Alison Gerber. (Me: “Daaad”) Okay, okay, Michael Crichton.
  • Music: Bach
  • Restaurant: I like eating at the Casino.
  • Automobile: Jaguar
  • Movie or Television Show: Midsomer Murders
  • Clothing: Whatever is not-too-expensive.
  • Furniture (pieces, designers or stores): People have favorite furniture? Seriously?

2. Personal style: Embarassing, friendly, warm.

3a. Favorite room from a childhood home: The back room. It was where we had the TV.

3b. Favorite room from an adult home: Under the stairs. I go there to be alone. (Mom, from the next room: “You can’t write that! That sounds awful.” Me: “Sorry, it’s done.”)

4. Role model: My own Dad. He was a loving, patient Christian.

5. Three things in your house that are “just right”: My wife (Mom: “Oh please!”), my trip souvenir collection, our grandmother clock.

6. What I want my friends to say when we’re done: Wow!

Sound at all like any other Dads out there?