Alison's Product Research: Oops! I Already Bought Something!

Alison's Product Research: Oops! I Already Bought Something!

Alison Gerber
Aug 13, 2013

You may recall my dismay at this old-school, hand-me-down sleigh crib, that I (frankly) hated, but it was what we had. Well, I know we were only meant to be researching products today, but...check out what I bought!

Ta-daa! New crib (Sniglar from IKEA)! Well, almost new, I bought it from a French family who had bought it to use just for a short time. It is not an uber-fancy modern crib, I know, but it is more modern and much smaller than what we had, opening up a significant pocket of space in the kids' room.

How can I justify the purchase of a crib for my 18 month old? Well, first of all it does convert to a toddler bed, which will prolong its life. Second, it was only $25! $25!! I am still excited about my awesome bargain. And last of all, I do have a budget, albeit a small one, and the $25 fit in perfectly.

Ohh -and it feels so good to get rid of that great hulking thing. It zoomed out of the outbox faster than I could say "dropsides are dangerous". Happy days!

So tell me, am I the only one who's jumped the gun here? Did anyone else's finger accidentally slip on the "add to cart" button? If so, do tell! Share links below!

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