Alison's Progress: Minus One Chocolate Bar, Plus One Chair

Alison's Progress: Minus One Chocolate Bar, Plus One Chair

Alison Gerber
Nov 17, 2014
(Image credit: Alison Gerber)

In the quest to lose weight before his "Snore Space" is ready, Dad has left a chocolate bar (bought by my Mom! The temptress!) untouched on the dining table for three weeks! But that's not the only recent purchase that's been hanging around the house these days.

Ta-daa! We also bought a chair! $20 from eBay, leaving $80 in the budget. It's IKEA, pretty old I think — pre-Poang. And in amazing condition.

Dad's never bought a chair from eBay before, and when I told him he was going to have to disassemble it at the seller's house to fit it in the car, he almost didn't go through with it. But when I showed him that a new leather chair at IKEA (in Australia) would cost over $200, how could he resist?

It turns out that you can teach an old dog new tricks after all. Not only did he manage to find the house and disassemble the chair to fit it in the car, he also reassembled it the instant he got home. In all my years as his daughter, I have NEVER seen my Dad assemble a piece of furniture so fast. Usually the boxes lie around the house for days, waiting for Dad to muster up the courage/energy to do anything about it. But not this one. Up in a flash.

It's pretty darn comfy, too. Dad loves it so much he's threatening to charge us all "chair rent" for sitting in it. At $1 a day, he might have the budget to buy a floor lamp to go along with it.

Painting this weekend! How are your rooms going? Can't wait to see you at the finish line!

Dad's untouched chocolate bar
(Image credit: Alison Gerber)
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