All Chargers are Not Created Equal

All Chargers are Not Created Equal

Jesse Leikin
Jun 30, 2011

When it comes to chargers for your electronics, Apple chargers are second to none. Besides their clean look, they're compact and easy to carry around. The MagSafe power adaptor for laptops and the tiny power bricks with interchangeable cords for iPhone, iPad, and iPods are some of the stellar innovations Apple has given our power bricks. However, if you own multiple devices, you'lll inevitably face the problem of figuring out which charger should be used with which device.

Despite the temptation to use one charger for both your iPhone and iPad, there is actually a fundamental difference between the two chargers:

The iPad charger is a 10 watt charger
The iPhone uses a 5 watt charger

Because of this difference in wattage, it is best to make sure you do not charge your iPad with the iPhone charger. Because of the lower wattage rating, repeated use will strain both the iPad and the charger. However, doing the opposite is fine because the iPhone will only pull the necessary amount of energy from the 10 watt charger. Our recommendation is to mark your chargers with either marker, sticker or a twist tie so you remember to use the right one.

And while we have gone over this concept with Mac laptops before, it is worth repeating that the same logic holds true for the Apple MagSafe laptop chargers. Because a laptop will only pull what it needs it is best to use a higher wattage charger with a lower spec machine and not vise vice versa. Otherwise, similar to the iPhone and iPad scenario, you will strain both the device and the charger being used.

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