All-Clad’s VIP Factory Sale Is Back and The Deals Are Better Than Ever

updated Feb 14, 2020
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Credit: Leela Cyd

All-Clad’s factory sale is back again, just in time for Presidents Day. We’re talking up to 70 percent off the iconic brand’s collection of classic stainless steel, hard anodized and copper pieces, as well as flatware, accessories, and even appliances! To access the limited-time event, which is hosted by Home and Cooks Sales, simply enter your email address when you visit the site. The best deals are selling out fast, so to help you get a head start, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite sale finds that are still available below.

Credit: All-Clad

1. 10-inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan

If you want to start out your All-Clad collection with something you can use every day, the 12-inch fry pan is a good size to start. You can scramble up a quick breakfast for one, or have it handle a veggie size (or side of bacon) for a bigger group. Plus, it’s so easy to clean and maintain.

Buy: 12-inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan, $100 (normally $195)

Credit: All-Clad

2. 7-Piece Copper Core Cookware Set

This 7-piece copper core cookware set is top-of-the-line quality and will last you forever! For a sweet 48 percent off, you get a 10-inch fry pans, 2-quart saucepan with lids, a 3-quart sauté pan with lid, and an 8-quart stockpot with lid. It’s a chef-quality set that’s sure to elevate your everyday cooking.

Buy: 7-Piece Copper Core Cookware Set, $700 (normally $1,350)

Credit: All-Clad

3. 8-inch Fry Pan and 1-Qt. Sauce Pan 

This is the perfect starter set that you’ll be pulling out on an almost daily basis. The little saucepan is ideal for warming bilk, boiling eggs or even putting together tiny portions of hearty sauce to pair with meals, while the fry pan has enough room to whip up delicious meals for two. We’re also loving this cute butter warmer ($50!) for popcorn on movie nights or a hot chocolate indulgence for one!

Buy: 8-inch Fry Pan and 1-Qt. Sauce Pan, $100 (normally $250)

Credit: All-Clad

4. 5-Qt. Sauteuse Pan with Universal Lid

With winter here, this is sure to become your go-to pot for making soups, stews, and stocks. The wide, copper-core bottom is perfect for sauteing vegetables and meats while the lid helps to prevent liquids from evaporating.

Buy: 5-Qt. Sauteuse Pan with Universal Lid, $150 (normally $490)

Credit: All-Clad

5. 3-Qt. Copper Core Saute with Lid

This 3-qt. copper-core saucepan is great for sauteing, browning, and searing, and the ideal size to whip up delicious meals for one. If you’re looking for something a little more bigger, there’s a 4-qt. saute pan ($200) on sale as well.

Buy: 3-Qt. Copper Core Saute with Lid, $180 (normally $360)

Credit: All-Clad

6. Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

We love this stainless steel tea kettle for so many reasons. First, check out that sleek design, which would look great sitting on any stovetop. Second, it features a flat bottom and tight-fitting lid that help make water boil faster. And third, it’s dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning a breeze.

Buy: Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, $60 (normally $150)

Credit: All-Clad

7. Hard-Anodized Roaster with Rack

A flat, nonstick cooking surface and hard-anodized construction conduct heat evenly for hassle-free searing, deglazing, and gravy-making on the stove. Plus, the generous size can easily accommodate a whole turkey, large roast, or even a complete one-pot meal.

Buy: Hard-Anodized Roaster with Rack, $50 (normally $150)