All My Life For Sale…really

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Another simple, good idea. We apologize that we don’t remember the person who told us about this, Thanks to Karen via Patrick, because this is a great tidbit in the annals of American Homemaking. What if you combined your desire to declutter with a love of eBay and auctioned off everything you owned? Everything. And then, having very little left of your material life, what if you then travelled around to visit the people who had bought your stuff? And the people were in places like Japan and Australia?

John Freyer, of Iowa City, Iowa, did just this, starting in 2000, and has managed to empty out his apartment completely (he has even sold his domain name). We love the idea, and think that the material part of it becomes less interesting very quickly. It is the web of connection that holds infinitely more possibilities. MGR