All the Pretty Pieces: Upcycled Mobiles on Etsy

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Nothing whispers summer like a soft, fluttery mobile that pranches in the the breeze. That’s why Etsy artisan BabongoHome (AKA Nicole) caught our attention. “I love making something new out of something old or used,” the Netherlands-based artisan writes, citing a love of crafts that started when she was a child.

To create the Leaves mobile (shown, $22), Nicole hand-cuts fused plastic bags into leaf-shaped forms and meticulously adheres them to a single piece of clear thread. The piece measures just shy of 40 inches from top to bottom and can be affixed to a wall or ceiling with a single nail. With its elegant silhouette and pretty colors, the mobile works well in a kids’ room or adds a playful punch to more formal spaces. Visit BabongoHome’s full shop here for more upcycled creations.

(Image: Etsy)