Before & After: Allison & Ben Streamline the Home Entertainment Center

Before & After: Allison & Ben Streamline the Home Entertainment Center

Gregory Han
Oct 16, 2012

I've wall mounted two HDTVs and ceiling mounted an LCD projector in the last two apartments we've lived in. But one thing I've always been envious of is the home owner's option to run cords and cables invisibly behind and inside the wall like Allison and Ben of the the blog, House of Hepworths, did with their living room center...

The results are not only a less messy behind-the-scenes A/V setup, but overall, the HDTV now has more breathing room away from the other components. The monitor is also now correct viewing height, where before it was too low for the viewing distance.

And of course, the keen eyed and safety minded will note what this couple has done is actually not to building safert code. Allison recognized this issue after completing the project, but sort of brushes off the issue:

"Code says you can't run the power cord through the wall. I think this is ridiculous, but apparently it's the code. So, if you want to follow code, hire an electrician to install a plug outlet mid wall next to or below the mounting bracket and plug your tv in there instead of dropping it through the wall. This is the official rule. Personally, I see absolutely no risk in putting the cord inside the wall, but attempt this at your own risk."

In either case, it's hard to argue with the end results: a much improved home entertainment area of the home. But take our advice and consider hiring a professional installer for in-wall installation; you can always using a paintable exterior-install cable guide to avoid running wires and cables inside the wall (the renter's option).

Check out the complete project over at House of Hepworths' "Mounting your tv to the wall and hiding all the cords".

(Images: House of Hepworths)

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