Alternative Door Handles

published Nov 18, 2008
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We don’t have a typical doorknob on our downstairs bathroom door. We stuck this guy in there a few years ago while we looking for one, then grew to love him. But we’ve been keeping our eyes open for ideas on what to use as a latch (right now its just an old-school bolt inside the door). Yesterday those cool folks at Remodelista posted something that the Henry Beguelin store in San Francisco uses as door handles and we finally have our solution. Click after the jump to see their clever door handle idea…

We love how the folks at the Henry Beguelin store simply knotted leather cord to use as door handles. It looks like they just drilled two holes in the door to thread the leather through. Besides the fun in seeing other ideas for alternatives to door handles, what we’re also excited about is their use of a “ball catch” as a solution to the no door latch problem. We’ve seen these catches on closet doors before but never thought to screw them on and use them. How they work is that a spring-loaded ball catches and holds the door closed, but if you tug on the door it opens.

Our door came pre-cored with a hole for a conventional doorknob, and you could stuff just about anything in there that would be snug (by the way, yes, we wash him every week and we even have two and rotate them). Stuffed animals would be fun as a doorknob to a kids room which you’d never want to lock anyway.

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