Mid Century Holiday Authenticity

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In continuing my seasonal obsession with metallic trees, I had to share an aluminum Christmas tree by a blogger with a serious dedication to all things Mid Century Modern.

Baz MCM is serious about the Mid Century aesthetic – as evident of his in-depth blog on the subject, Atomic Indy. He recently posted his authentic, vintage Christmas tree manufactured by the Aluminum Specialty Company, complete with the recommended rotating color wheel (twinkling lights are a no-no with aluminum trees do to the electrical hazard) and appropriately decorated in the minimal style suggested by the Aluminum Corporation of America’s 1959 8-page instruction manual titled How to Decorate Your New Aluminum Christmas Tree. Some highlighted tips from the booklet include:

  • When using a standard tree base, cover it with sparkling Alcoa Wrap household foil to match the tree.

  • Do…decorate with glass or aluminum ornaments, preferably all the same color.

  • Don’t…put tinsel, chains or streamers around the aluminum trees. They clutter the inherent beauty.

Also notable is the
Charley Harper starburst tree-topper. Where can I get my hands on one of those?? Visit Baz’s blog at
atomicindy.com to see more of the tree in his fitting, mod-style home and make sure to bookmark his blog for your daily dose of Mid Century adventures.

Thanks, BAZ!

Images: Atomic Indy