Amanda Seyfried Commissioned a Cat-Shaped Chair For Her Sister, and It Is Wild

updated Jun 2, 2021
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This is exactly one of those incredible things that is getting filed away in the “things you never thought you needed until right now” folder in your brain. Actress Amanda Seyfried commissioned a rug-punched cat chair from textile artist Selby Hi, and um, it’s the coolest thing you will ever see.

“Happy birthday @shark_vagina,” Seyfried captioned her May 12 post, dedicated to sister Jennifer. “Here’s your dead cat memorialized in a fun way by the exquisite @selby_hi.”

“Fun” is an understatement. Selby Hi is a London-based textile artist who specializes in hand-tufted rugs, wallhangings, and more recently, chairs. “So I made a fucking cat chair for the icon Amanda Seyfried @mingey !!!” Hi captioned her own May 15 reveal post of the “Mr. Bitterman” chair. “I am honestly so privileged and honored to make this wonderful gift.”

And although it’s hard not to have a soft spot for this Mr. Bitterman replica, Hi’s other cat chairs are just as “fun” (a.k.a. so cool it’s honestly hard to put into words).

Hi was giving her followers sneak peeks at Seyfried’s commission as she was working on it. She showed how she started punching Mr. Bitterman’s face first, then moved onto the other bits of the chair (including that insane tail). In a Q&A session linked on her Instagram page, Hi says that she opts for using a regular tufting needle rather than a gun. “I like the slow process of rug punching…the time it takes is [a part] of my practice.”

You can check out Hi’s portfolio of awesome tufted artworks on her Instagram as well as on her website.