Amazing Art Filled Homes

Amazing Art Filled Homes

Kristen Lubbe
Sep 3, 2010

Art filled homes are inviting, inspiring and truly unique. The combination of colors, textures and mediums goes a long way and we can't help but find them irresistible. Whether you made the art yourself, collected it over the years or simply respect a friends work — hang something up, you might like it.

There are so many ways to hang art in a home. An art filled home doesn't have to be filled to the brim or have walls literally covered with frames. One statement piece in each room can transform a typical home into an art filled home. Here are some great examples of amazing art filled homes:

Krista & Zak's Philadelphia Art Hotel is a Philadelphia based not for profit hotel for traveling artists. All Krista & Zak ask in return — a piece of your work. Between their own artistic abilities and that of their guests, they've filled their home with wonderful artwork.

Candace & Chris's Art-Filled Loft — After the Deluge is one of the best examples of pairing a large art collection with a somewhat minimalistic approach. There are certainly quite a few photos hanging above the bed, but with the simplicity of the white frames, white wall and white bed linens — it magically flows and works as one cohesive statement.

Kate & Cameron Surrounded by Art is truly just that. There's art everywhere you look in their home and it's pretty inspiring!

Natalie's Art Deco Apartment is a great example of pairing different styles of art together. Who says you can't have 20 different photos and paintings on one wall?

Jenn Ski's Not So Unhappy Hipster Home is not only a piece of art on its own, but it's also filled with art. Between prints and paintings hanging on every wall, unique and vintage light fixtures everywhere — it doesn't get much more art filled than this!

Click each link to see how their homes truly are filled with art!

Do you have an art filled home?

Images: Kristen Lubbe, Anna Hoffman Steinhardt, Jill Slater, Amanda Prior & Real Living Magazine, Violet Marsh Photography

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