Amazing Tea Bag Art By Armén Rotch

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Joining the club of other outstanding creative reuse art, Armenian artist, Armén Rotch, has created these highly patterned, pixelated golden and rust-hued pieces of work — can you guess what his medium is? Tea Bags!

Armén Rotch makes everything from prints, large-scale canvases and sculptures — all from mere tea bags — and from what we’ve heard, they still smell like tea! From the artist (translated by google):

“Each bag is damp and dilapidated treated here, from his watery element to be prepared, oxygenated and access to a state of redemption. It is no longer the tea is drunk and that one tastes, but organized spaces that balance of colors formed by and for other purposes.”

• Find out more at Armén Rotch’s website.

via: Curbly

(Images via Armén Rotch)