The 3 Amazon Basics Purchases I Can’t Live Without

published Jul 6, 2018
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If you were to look at my recent Amazon orders, you’d yawn over the standard mom fare: A triple packet of Casabella dishwashing gloves, Wonderwoman socks for my daughter’s dress-like-a superhero-day, and dog food. The least boring of the bunch are these three AmazonBasics scores I’m about to let you in on. Sometimes the sexiest purchases solve simple problems with cost-effective gusto. Here’s what’s got me all worked up lately.

6-Sheet Cross-cut Paper Shredder

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Thanks to this paper shredder I’m #adulting like a trusted accountant. It was only $29.98, and I turn to it every few months to murder any paper statement with a number and my name on it. You glide your paper into the shredder’s metal jaws and watch it gnash your AMEX statement into parade-quality confetti. So. Satisfying. I had two bouts with credit card fraud this past winter, so as far as I’m concerned, shred or dead.

To buy: $24,

Velvet Shirt Hangers

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AmazonBasic hangers come in a pack of 50 for $17.59. I collect silk camisoles and they all stay perfectly put on these babies (they’re made of a non-slip velvet material), falling to the floor no more! Plus, I’ve got more room in my closet, due to their space-saving super powers. Now all I need is the willpower to stop buying camisoles (this style, by Organic John Patrick, is my weakness).

To buy: $18,

Cotton Washcloths

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And finally, a woman can never have enough inexpensive washcloths, or so advises many a fancy NYC dermatologist who say that the most important skin care step is cleansing the nooks and crannies of your face, ears and neck with a cheap-o washcloth soaked in warm water. This pack of 24 means I have a fresh one hand all the time and can throw them out without guilt once they get gross.

To buy: $15,