The $26 Amazon Find That Doubled My Bathroom Storage

published Sep 20, 2019
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Credit: Samara Vise

Show me a person with enough bathroom storage, and I’ll show you a liar. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh but the point is, many people are dealing with tiny bathrooms and limited storage and could use some smart solutions.

My Boston apartment—and therefore, my bathroom—is small, about 520ish square feet. As the only human resident, all the existing storage is mine all mine, but it’s still not enough (I love a skincare product, what can I say). Said built-ins consist of the mirrored medicine cabinet pictured above, as well as below-the-sink storage which I mainly use for cleaning products, extra TP, and stuff I don’t use all that often. When I moved in three years ago, there was a wall-mounted storage cabinet above the toilet, but that came crashing down one day in a flurry of mirror shards and moisturizer samples. Suffice to say, I was reluctant to replace it with anything equally as heavy.

One of my favorite small space maxims is to utilize your vertical space, and while I didn’t want to risk it on the wall over the toilet, I did have a door that could be more useful than sporting a few hooks. Luckily, there are all sorts of over-the-door organizers available these days, and I found one that gave me that additional storage I needed.

I love this Amazon find because while it gives me the extra storage for skincare, it also has hooks for hand and bath towels for when I have guests. There’s also a one-shelf version for $19.99 if you’re less of a product hog than me. Here’s how it looks in my space:

Credit: Tara Bellucci

As you can see, quite a bit of stuff fits on those shelves, which is all conveniently hidden when the bathroom door is open (which is nearly all of the time; my two cats do not allow for closed doors). An over-the-door option also gave me the freedom to style the wall above the toilet with a decorative shelf and some lightweight accessories, instead of devoting that to a major storage area.

After living with it for a few months, I’m happy to say it’s $26 well spent.