This Clever Bathroom Storage Hack Will Save You so Much Space

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Quick question: Why is bathroom storage so hard to figure out? Every bathroom is different, which can make it hard to find the right solution for you. Storage carts are great—if you have the floor space. Storage containers are perfect—if you have a cabinet under your sink. But what if you’re limited on floor space AND you have a pedestal sink? You used to be out of luck, but not anymore thanks to this clever bathroom storage hack.

Amazon is selling a storage rack designed to fit under a pedestal sink, and it’s a complete game-changer for small bathrooms. It has two shelves for storage and a bar for hand towels. The rack is curved, so it’ll sit perfectly under the sink, tucked away but still within reach when you need it. You can use it to store anything: toiletries, soap, makeup, perfume, cleaning products, you name it.

You know all of that little miscellaneous stuff that you use every day, but you don’t really know where to put it, so it ends up cluttering your precious counter space and floor space? You can put all of that stuff in this rack.

“This is a great space saver for a small bathroom and fits neatly under a pedestal sink,” one five-star review reads. “Easy to assemble too.”

“I’m able to put a hand towel, hand lotion, and a couple cleaning supplies or whatever else is needed when I have company so they don’t go rooting through my closets,” another five-star review reads. “The big plus is I don’t have to make any holes in the wall.”

A few reviewers note that in addition to providing storage space, it also hides unsightly pipes that were visible under the sink. So, if you have a pedestal sink and you’re looking for a way to maximize your bathroom storage, it sounds like this rack will check every box on your list.